Tuesday 11th October, 2016

HA HA Gallery present I’m Feeling so Virtual I’m Violent

Liv and Jen discuss I’m Feeling so Virtual I’m Violent, Faberge Eggs and viagra.


Please tell us what it’s all about.

What did you use a starting point or inspiration for your project?
Brexit, boredom and parties.

Can you describe what you hope visitors will experience or take away from it?
Wild fun and misery.

What has been most challenging about working on your Southampton Fringe
Negotiating press copy.

What was your first exposure to art?
Jen: I’ve never been exposed to art, I always keep my clothes on when I’m around that kind
of thing.
Liv: My birth. I hatched out of the largest Faberge Egg ever made, otherwise known as the
The Moscow Kremlin Egg and inspired by the architecture of the Cathedral of the
Assumption (Uspenski) in Moscow.

Why do think its important to nurture contemporary and visual art in regions
outside of London?
Because London is too expensive and no one can afford to live there anymore. Who has
time to make art when they don’t have time to wash their hair?

What would your advice be to aspiring artists or curators?
Study engineering?

What does Southampton mean to you? Do you have a favourite place or
memory of the city?
Craig David makes us proud as does Francis Benali and Jonah Lewie.

Apart from your own project of course, what other Southampton Fringe event
will you be looking forward to and why?
Jethro German’s ‘One Tool Does It All’, he’s a fellow Chelsea grad-u-ate and king of
one-liners. Paul Vivian’ s ‘THE TARDI(NES)S* ’ at K6, he’s a HA HA family member and a
fabulous individual with fabulous art. Yvon Bonenfant’s ‘Curious Replicas’ with Harold Offeh –
WOW hairstyle heaven! UGO Project Space also looking interesting, the guy that runs it is such
a catch.

Finally what do you think the presence of British Art Show 8 and accompanying Southampton Fringe will mean for Southampton and its cultural scene? What does it mean for you?
It’s fantastic, it means everything, it’s the viagra of Southampton, it’s the catalyst, the bug,
the big cheese, the big eat. Thank you Fringe!!!

I’m Feeling the So Virtual I’m Violent is open from 15 October until 14 January 2017 at HA HA Gallery.